Sunday, November 7, 2010

101107 2 Chronicles 7-12

2 Chronicles 7
7.12  house of sacrifice...  I have always thought about it as a "house of prayer."  This adds another demension.
7.20  from My land which I have given you...  It all belongs to God.
7.22  worshiped...served...  seem to be synonyms.

2 Chronicles 88.11  brought Pharaoh's daughter up form the city of David...  It is odd that he does not think it is right for Pharaoh's daughter to live in Jerusalem.  Why would he married someone who was not holy.  The change of perspective later is sad.
8.13  duty of each day required... 

2 Chronicles 9
9.8  that you may execute justice and righteousness...  The reason God puts us in authority.  It is His, not our, justice and righteousness that we are to dispense.  I am thinking about how you execute righteousness.
9.22  wisdom, which God has put into his mind.

2 Chronicles 10
This is a frustrating chapter to read.  I find myself sceaming, "What do you think your doing!?"  In my color coding, I noticed that God is not mentione in this passage until verse 15 after the foolish decision was made.

2 Chronicles 11
11.4  so they listened...  a little suprising for King R., but good.
11.18 ff  It would be interesting to do some character studies for the wives that were mentioned.  Why did the chronicler highlight those.

2 Chronicles 12
12.1  When...he was strong...  This reminds me of Deuteronomy 8.
12.14  for he did not set his heart to seek the Lord...  Reight living does not happen by accident.

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