Tuesday, January 25, 2011

John 19-20

John 19
19.5  Behold the man!  This statement to the Jews by Pilate always causes me to pause and think about how much there it to behold.
19.12  from then on Pilate sought to release him...  We typically think of Pilate as some kind of absolute mini dictator that could do anything he wanted, but this reminds me of how much our circumstances and influences around us tend to sweep us along, even against our desires.
19.15  We have no king but Caesar...  This is a surprising, but quite revealing statement from the chief priests.
19.38  who was a disciple secretly...   This might just prove that you can be a secret disciple, but he also had the moxy to step up when it was needed.  It kinda reminds me of Esther.
John 20
20.8 he saw and believed...  Seeing is believing, is often but not always the case.  It is a blessing to have the gift of faith.
20.28  My Lord, my God...  A great confession from a man that didn't pretend to believe.
John 21
21.12  This is a very curious verse.
21.yet Jesus did not say... So it seems that misunderstandings about what Jesus said have been with us from the very beginning.  It is probably instructive that John would correct an error of this nature (I am trying to think of other places he did it like this.) and specifically that he felt the need, under the inspiration of the Holy spirit, to correct this one in particular.

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