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Outline of the Introduction to The Book of Proverbs Chapters 1-15 (NICOT) by Bruce Waltke

I. Title p.1
II. Text and Versions  p. 2
A. Hebrew Texts
B. Greek Versions (LXX)
C. Other Ancient Versions
D. Conclusion
III. Structure p.9
A. Introduction
B. Collection I: Title with Preamble, Prologue, & Epilogue
C. Collection II:  Solomon I
D. Collection III: The Thirty Sayings of the Wise
E. Collection IV: Further Sayings of the Wise
F. Collection V:  Solomon II
G. Collection VI: The Sayings of Agur Son of Jakeh
H. Collection VII: The Sayings of Lemuel
IV. Ancient Near Eastern Wisdom Literature  p. 28.
V. Authorship  p. 31
 A. Solomon
B. Agur and Lemuel
C. The Final Editor
VI. Forms of Proverbs  p. 38
A. Poetry
B. Poetics
C. Wisdom Genre
D. Genres in the Book of Proverbs
E. Setting
VII. Theology p. 63
A. Introduction (64)
B. God (67)
   1. Names of God
   2. God as Creator
   3. Transcendence and Immanence (69)
   4. Retribution (73)
C. Revelation, Inspiration, and Tradition  (76)
   1. Definitions of "Wisdom" and of "Knowledge" 
   2. Revelation (78)
   3. Inspiration (80)
   4. Identification of  Woman Wisdom (83)
D. Anthropology (88)
   1. Human Beings in General
   2. The Wise and Fool  (93)
   3. Male and Female  (116)
E. Pedagogy  (126)
F. Christology  (126)
   1. Proverbs' Enduring Relevance
   2. Woman Wisdom as a Type of Jesus Christ
   3. The Superiority of Jesus Christ to Solomon's Wisdom
VIII. Bibliograpy p. 133-170

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