Monday, April 11, 2011

Genesis 16-

16. 15  You are the God who sees...  Great name for God, but I am wondering a little about the exact wording and wished I could just pick up the Hebrew and understand it.
17.8  Also I will give your descendants after you the land in which you are a stranger...  I still can't figure out how you "figurative" that promise away and apply it to the church.  There are physical descendants of Abraham, flawed and unbelieving as they are, who have a promise to receive.  Oh that they would turn to Jesus and be blessed.
17.17  fell on his face and laughed...
18.12  Sarah laughed within herself and said...  The laugh of faith and the laugh of disbelief.
18.14  This is an inspiring question to keep in mind.
18.19  to do righteousness and justice...  I wonder how many of us have this on our parenting list.
18.25b  This is a great question to keep in mind when life seems all "topsey turvey" and confusing..

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