Saturday, May 21, 2011

110508 Carpenter flock notes - Proverbs 2 esp. 1-11

General structure
I Development of character  (Aleph)  (1-11)
     A. If you will ...
     B. Then understand fear/knowledge of LORD/God
     C. Then understand r., j., e., & good path
II. Deliverance from the wicked  (Lamed)  (12-22)
     A. To deliver from the wicked man
     B. To deliver from the immoral woman
     C. Walk in the good way

Discuss repeated words, etc.

I. If you will
     1a  Accept the "catechism" by faith
     1b  Memorize and internalize with religious affection
     2  Pay attention to
     3  Desire
     4. Seek and sacrifice for
II. Then you will...
     5  Understand (perceive) find (arrive @)  F or L   know God
     6  For Divine origin of wisdom  knowledge understand
     7a sores up  (pun with v. 1b)
     7b-8  shield
              guards:  watch over, protect
              preserves:  cause a state or condition to remain.
III. Then understand  r., j., e., as in 1.3

     2. Pleasant  (enjoyed like a delicacy)  more than just knowing something
     3.  Not from an attack, but from bad choices.

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