Monday, June 20, 2011

Gen 6.5-12 VBS Day #1 for 5th grade notes.

Sword drill practice -- Romans 3.24
1 - creation
2 - garden and marriage
3 -sin
4 - murder
5 - geneology
6 - Noah builds
7 - Noah floats
8 - Noah lands
9 - Noah's covenant
10 - Noah's kin
Read text:  Genesis 9.5-12
v.5  What made wickedness great?  their intent and thoughts were always bad  cf. Matt. 12.34-35
v.6  How did that make God feel?  cf. Matt. 23.37
v.7 What was God going to do?  cf. Romans 6.23
v.8  What did Noah find?  "grace or favor"  same root word in Psalm 51.1.   Also cf. Luke 18.10ff
               Do you know that you need mercy?
               Have you found "grace in the eyes of the Lord?
               What do you think about?
 v.9  What three ways was Noah described after it says that he found grace.
walked with God  (like who in chapter 5?):
v.12  What was the result of the bad thoughts?  (violence, bad actions)

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