Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lev 5-6

5.1  if he does not tell it he bears guilt...  This is one that could have all kinds of implications to consider.  Not only "the whole truth" part as a court witness, but withholding information in business situations, etc.
5.3  when he realizes it, then he shall be guilty...  Guilty in what sense?  Verse six seems to help.
5.6  trespass offering to the LORD...
     >lamb or kid ... as a sin offering
     > or two turtledoves or two young pigeons
             priest wring head from neck of first
             sprinkle some blood on side of the altar and rest drained at the base
            second offered as a burnt offering as prescribed.
5.10  and it shall be forgiven him...
       >or one-tenth an ephah of fine flour
            no oil, but frankincenes
            for a sin offering
            priest burns a handfull
            the rest shall be the priest's
5.15  sins unintentionally...
     ram from the flock
     with valuation in shekels of the temple
     restitution for harm done to the holy thing
5.16  and it shall be forgiven him
5.17  though he does not know it, yet he is guilty...  Thinking about how this relates to 5.3.
6.2-3  lying about what was 
                    what was given for safekeeping
                   a pledge
                   what was lost
6.5  restore its full value, add one fifth...
6.6  trespass offering ...  ream without blemish from the flock
6.9  burnt offering
6.14  law of the grain offering
               burn handful...for a sweet aroma, as a memorial to the LORD...
               the remainder of it  priests eat
               it shall not be baked
               most holy like the sin offering and the trespass offering 
               everyone who touches them shall be holy
6.20  daily grain offering
              made in a pan
              every grain offering shall be wholly burned
 6.25  sin offering
              It is most holy
              eaten in the court of the tabernacle
             everyone who touches it must be holy
             wash that garment
             vessel broken, bronze washed
             all males may eat
             most holy
6.30 no sin offering ... blood to make atonement ... shall be eaten ... burned with fire

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