Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Num 4-7

4.3  from thirty years old and above, even to fifty years...  This is a different standard than for the rest of Israel (men 2o and up ready for battle).
5.14 a spirit of jealousy...  This seems to my 21st century mind to be a bizarre ritual.  A couple things come to mind though.  The husband wasn't to take matters into his own hands.  I assume this was a miraculous exersize of God's justice, inferring that sometimes we should just leave things in His hands.  I wonder what kind of marriage counseling you would need if the woman turned out to be innocent.
6.27  so they shall put My name on them...  This is an interesting statement and I am not sure what it means.   NET Bible translation note: The idea of their putting the name of Yahweh on the people is somewhat problematic. The pronouncing of the name of Yahweh in this context over the people was taken to be the effectual means of blessings. “Putting the name on them” is an expression that emphasizes the truth that he is their God and they are his people or that having his name is having his blessing.
7.12  Hashon for Judah
7.18  Nethnel fo rIssachar
7.24  Eliab for Zebulun
7.30  Elizur for Reuben
7.36  Shelumiel for Simeon
7.42  Elisaph for Gad
7.48  Elishama for Ephraim
7.54  Gamaliel for Manasseh
7.60  Abidan for Benjamin
7.66  Ahiezer for Dan
7.72  Pegiel for Asher
7.78  Ahira for Naphtali
7.84  The repetitious lists are fascinating.  Why did they need to be repeate“The account may strike us as repetitious, but this sort of formula was used by people in the ancient Eastern world to reflect ever-increasing joy: look how much these many people gave for their altar!” --(Maarsingh, p. 29.) from Notes of Numbers by Thomas Constable
>silver platter - 130 shekels  (flour mixed with oil)
>silver bowel - 30 shekels  (flour mixed with oil)
>gold pan - 10 shekels (full of incense)

>young bull
>male lamb in its first year - burnt offering

>kid - sin offering

>peace offerings -
2 oxen
5 rams
5 male lambs in their first year

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