Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Deut 22-24

22.1-3  you shall surely bring them back to your brother...  So much for the whole finders keepers philosophy.
22.6  This is an interesting verse on several levels.  I am wondering whether the concern is for the mother or the babies.
22.15  then the father and mother...   The idea of dad and mom still being an advocate and defender of their married daughter seems slightly out of alignment with our current western culture.  It does give some good food for thought.
22.21  you shall put away the evil from Israel...  I am thinking about the reasoning behind the list of crimes that were called evil that should be put away from Israel.  Is this an intentional list or are there other things that would be comparable?
22.24 This appears to teach a responsibility to resist evil.
22.29   "The last case: if a virgin was not betrothed, and a man seized her and lay with her, and they were found, i.e., discovered or convicted of their deed, the man was to pay the father of the girl fifty shekels of silver, for the reproach brought upon him and his house, and to marry the girl whom he had humbled, without ever being able to divorce her. This case is similar to the one mentioned in Exo 22:15-16. The omission to mention the possibility of the father refusing to give him his daughter for a wife, makes no essential difference. It is assumed as self-evident here, that such a right was possessed by the father."    --Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament
 23.5  because the LORD your God loves you...
24.14  or one of the aliens...  This is not about illegal immigration, but does give us an important principle for our attitudes about the issue.
24.19-21  This is an interesting principle of how the "haves" should help the "have nots" and how the "have nots" should go about providing for themselves. 

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