Sunday, February 19, 2012

2 Samuel 2-3

2 Samuel
2.22  How shall I answer your brother Joab?   It is fascinating that they are fighting each other but still seem to have some kind of sort of relationship or chilvary.
1st  Amnon
2nd  Chileab
3rd  Absalom  son of the daughter of the king Geshur
4th  Adonijah
5th  Shephatiah
6th  Ithream
3.7  Why have you gone...  It seems that Ishbosheth overplayed his hand.  It is a good reminder to avoid visions of grandor.
3.26  And when Joab had gone.  I guess that these generals had a mind of their own, were very powerful, and to be trusted only to pursue their own interest.
3.37  and all Israel understood...  David was such a shrewd statesman and politician!

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