Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Psalm 96 - 103

96.1, 3  all...   The all words reinforce not only our obligation but the greatness of God that He deserves to be known by all men.
96.9  the beauty of holiness...  This is a great expression.  Beauty and holiness are two that we might not normally associate with each other.  Holiness is beautiful.
97.10  He preserves...
101.3-4  It shall not cling to me...   These are some great verses to have on the ready.  I like the idea that wickedness will not stick.  It reminds of of when Jesus told Peter that Satan was coming, but he had not hold on Him.  My my thoughts and life be such that wickedness will not find a place to stick to.
103.8  Slow to anger... This would be a great one for a joke book.  What should we be slow to?  anger.

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