Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Amos 4.6-13 Preaching Workshop Presentation

1. What is the structure of your Biblical text?  How should that structure shape the emphasis of your teaching outline?
I would probably have chosen the whole chapter so that I could have 4.1 to give context of sins God was judging. 
I.  The Judgments on Israel (vv 6-11)
A.  Famine (v 6)  De. 28.39-40
B. Drought (vv 7-8)  De. 28.23-24
C. Blight, mildew, & locust (v 9)  De. 28.22, 28
D. Plague (v 10)  De. 28.21-22, 27-28
E.  Overthrown (v 11) De. 28.25-26
II. The Judge of Israel (vv 12-13)
A.  His purpose (v 12)
B.  His characteristics (v 12-13)
C.  His name (v 13 b)
This passage outlines examples of how He has acted against Israel, and warns them to prepare for a larger judgment to come, an army from the north (5.27), likely the Assyrians.

2. What is the broader context of your text?  How does it inform the meaning of your specific text?
Chapter four is the second of five sermons (3, 4, 5.1-17, 518-27, 6 though 5 & 6 could all be considered one) that warn Israel of coming judgment. 
(3.1-2) The coming judgment of Israel. 
3.12-15 Warning of the coming judgment
4.1-5 Highlights their oppression of poor, coming judgment, and empty religious rites
5.5-7 Exhortation to seek the Lord.

3. What is the main theme (or melodic line) of the book in which your text is found?  How does the main theme (or melodic line of the entire book inform the meaning of your specific text?
God will judge His people for their corrupt religion / Godless conduct.  
This passage describes His recent discipline as a harbinger of a more encounter with God to come.

5. The theme of the text?
“Prepare to meet your God” (v. 4.12c)
God brought five phases of judgment on you, by implication with no response, so the Lord of Hosts is an awesome God who will judge your sins.

6. What is the primary aim of your text?
Amos seeks to impress the reality that the LORD does judge (and has been judging) sin and the reality of His awesome majesty.  The desired response would be to prepare for the Day of Judgment by repenting and forsaking the sins that had offended God.

7. What is your theme and aim for your people as you prepare to teach?
·        To consider what God is trying to accomplish in your life thru the events.  
·        To be thoughtful of the day when we will be called to account for our actions as we make decisions about material things, our desires, and how we treat people.  
·        To give a sense of awe by reflecting on God's greatness.
----> “Prepare to meet your God”

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