Wednesday, May 2, 2012


...the author has a single unifying theme: the terrible locust plague is a harbinger of awesome things to come.  --Richard D. Patterson in The Expositor's Bible Commentary Vol. 7

Chapter 1
1.1  that came to Joel...  I can hardly wait to read the stuffy commentaries that explain why Joel could not have been the author of this book.  :op
1.4  swarming locusts...  Sounds like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.
1.14  a sacred assembly...  Looks like a good word study.
1.15  the Day of the Lord is at hand...

Chapter 2
2.2-8  A people great and strong... .
2.8 Everyone marches in his own column...  Sounds like the Borg from Next Generation Star Trek. 
2.11  the Day of the Lord... 
2.13  rend your heart, and not your garments...  Now that will preach!
2.15  a sacred assembly...
2.25  I will restore to you the years...  What an inspiring promise!
2.29  in those days...  
2.31  the great and awesome Day of the Lord... 

Chapter 3
3.1  in those days...
3.14  for the Day of the Lord is near the Valley of Decision...  A time is near a place...interesting.
3.17  You shall know that...  Back to Exodus.
3.21  For the Lord dwells...

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