Wednesday, September 5, 2012

2 Kings 8-11

2 Kings
8.25  now the rest of the acts...  Which I understand to be the things that were not important to the Scripture narrative.   It is sobering to think about how much of my life will be relegated to some chronicles of something or other
10.19  Jehu acted deceptively, with the intent of...  You have to admire Jehu's spunk, but his methods (and quite possibly his motives) were another story.  Note Merrill Unger's comments:
"Extirpation of Ball worship and the house of Ahab was divinely commended.  That did not mean that the LORD approved of the ways ta means Jehu used, nor did He condone Jehu's motives.  The LORD overruled the wickedness of Jehu to accomplish His purposes of righteousness and to fulfill His word." 
10.29  However Jehu did not turn from the sins of ...  This is a sad and disappointing verse in this chapter.  Hopefully it will not be in my biography.
11.10  spears and shields ... which were in the temple of the LORD...  It seems odd to have enough armaments to supply hundreds of men in the Temple.
11.21  seven years old...  A seven yer old will do pretty good with the likes of Jehoiada at his side. 

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