Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Divided Kingdon


Rehoboam: 1 Kings 12.1-25; 14.21-31; 2 Chronicles 10-12

2 Chronicles
11.17  The righteous who came from the north strengthened the kingdom for three years.
11.18  The "then" here is ominous word as it introduces the taking of wives which seem to foreshadow the end.
12.1  It may be instructive to note that after he had strengthened the kingdom, he forsook the the law of the Lord. Tragically and predicably all Israel (I am not sure why "Israel" instead of Judah and Benjamin) followed him.
1 Kings 14.21 - J's mother was an Amonitess.  Did that have anything to do with his turn to the sins of v. 23?)
12.2  in the fifth year... So, presumably it was two years of wickedness before God's hand of punishment.
12.5 Shemaiah the prophet...
12.6  the leaders and their king...   The king does not act alone.
12.6  God is just...  "Just" is a good word to do a word study on.
12.8  that they may distinguish...  This reinforces God's control and purpose.
12.12  When he humbled himself...  "Humbled" is another good word to look up.  What did J do when he humbled himself.  Was it just a change of heart?  Did he fast or put on sack clothe and ashes?
12.14  This seems to be the key to his repeated failures.  What does it mean to prepare your heart to seek the Lord.

Abijam: 1 Kings 15:1-8; 2 Chronicles 12.16-14.1
1 Kings 
15.3  walked in the sins...was not loyal to the Lord...
15.4b-5  David did what was right... except in the matter of Uriah...  1. This is a very strong commendation of David's life.  2. It is interesting that it was the matter with Uriah, not Bathsheba.  3.  It is interesting that this is the only thing that writer felt was worth mentioning.
2 Chronicles 
13.10 The commentary on Abijam in 1 Kings 15.3 stands is stark contrast to his claims to have the Lord as his God while in contrast to Jeroboam who established the calf worship.  
What did Abijam assert to document his rightness before God?
He was not like the north who had...
   13.7  rebelled against "David"
   13.9  cast out the priests
He would be favored by God because...
   13.10  The priests operated in Judah...
   13.11  The Temple was in operation...  Claims the sacrifices as a sign of rightness.
   13.12  God was their head...
   What did God think of those references?  
13.14  They cried out to God when surounded by Jeroboam's army.
13.22  and his sayings...  I wonder what it was that Abijam had to say.

Asa: 1 Kings 15.9-
1 Kings 
15.11  And he did what was right...  
15.12  banished the cultic prostitutes and removed his father's idols.
15.13  Maachah  his grandmother...  God was more important than even grandma.

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