Sunday, December 29, 2013

Genesis 2-5

2.10  Wondering why this information about the rivers is included.
2.17  The command about the tree was given before woman was created.
2.25  and they were both naked...and they were not ashamed...  Thinking about the point here.  Why would they have been ashamed?  see 3.7
3.6  to make one wise...  Proverbs 17.6  She just did not understand about what wisdom was.
3.7  they knew that they were naked...  And they didn't before? or it just didn't occur to them.  It seems significant that the only the husband, wife, and animals that they would feel the need to cover up.
3.10  afraid because I was naked...  Why would he not want God to see him naked.  Feeling the need to hide is evidence of sin?
3.19  So, we are more than dust now (while alive), more than the sum of the elements that make up our bodies.
4.10 Your brother's blood cries up to Me from the ground...  This is an intriguing expression.
5.3  Adam
5.6  Seth
5.9  Enosh
5.12   Cainan
5.15   Mahalalel
5.18  Jared  162/962

5.21  Enoch ... walked with God  65/365
5.25  Methuselah  187/969
5.28  Lamech  182/595
5.29  Noah...  So it would seem that if Jared, Methuselah, and Lamech were alive at the time of Noah, more of their children should have been following the Lord.  None of Methuselah or Lamech's children believed God and went on the ark.  That is sobering.

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