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Carpenter Flock notes / 150419 - Ephesians 1.1-2 - Greeting

Ephesians 1.1-2
Theme of Ephesians:  “Together in Christ to Walk Worthy”
Key issues:
Gentile and Jews coming together
New identity and behavior for Gentile converts
Spiritual powers (demons and magic)

PART ONE—From: Paul the Apostle (1.1a)
· Presumptuous Past—Philippians 3.5-6
Hebrew of Hebrews
Pharisee—strict interpretation and rigorous observance
Zeal—persecuted the church (Romans 10.2)
Kept the law blamelessly
· Glorious Conversion—Acts 9
vv. 4-6 Jesus stopped him on the road to Damascus
remarkable, life changing confrontation
Ananius—vv. 15-16  God to him to speak to Paul
· Compelling Commission—Acts 28
26.15-18  Commission in more detail
Apostle with a capital “A” especially to the Gentiles
1. The Twelve disciples—Those who were with Christ’s ministry and were personal witnesses to His resurrection
2. Authoritive Apostles like James (Gal 1.19) and Barnabas (Acts 4.14)
3. In a non-technical sense—“messengers” 2 Cor. 6.23

PART TWO— To the faithful saints in Ephesus (1.1b)
· Ephesus
 A. Who
Three old manuscripts have no name, but vast majority have “Ephesus”
Written to Ephesus in a style general enough for it to be circulated to surrounding towns
B. Setting
1. Leading metropolis of Asia Minor
Transportation Hub
200,000 – 250,000 in greater Ephesus
Wealthy city (silver smiths Acts 19.24)
2. Religious:  Aremis of Ephesus with 50+ other deities
3. Magical practices
4. Significant Jewish presence
· Saints
agois - “holy ones”
Refered to all not just a few
Part of the greeting in 6 of 9 letters to churches
Rom 1.7; 1 cor. 1.2—“called to be”
Cf. Philippians 1.13ff esp 15-16 “be holy” from Leviticus 11.44-45
· faithful
 pistos – reliable (believing)
Note closing / 6:23 sincerity, inorruptable, undying
Lit. incorruptible / pure, enduring

PART  THREE—Greeting: Grace and Peace  (1.2)
· Grace
Secular “joy or “greeting”
1. favor
1.6 gory of His grace
1.7 riches of His grace
2.7 riches of His grace in His kindness toward us
2. enablement
3.8 grace was given that I might preach
4.29 import grace to hearer
· Peace
1. Absence of conflict of between, harmony between
2.14-15 “He is our peace, who has made us one”
2.17 “preach peace”
2. Tranquility
6.23 “peace to the brethren”
“peace and harmony make and keep things safe and prosperous”
· Gospel—from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ
The Father showed His favor
2.5-7  the exceeding riches of His grace in kindness toward us in Christ
The Son
2.14 He is our peace, who made us one

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