Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Purpose of Ephesians

Paul wrote this letter to a large network of local churches in Ephesus and the surrounding cities
·       to affirm them in their new identity in Christ as a means of strengthening them in their ongoing struggle with the powers of darkness,
·       to promote a greater unity between Jews and Gentiles within and among the churches of the area, and
·       to stimulate an ever increasing transformation of their lifestyles into a greater conformity to the purity and holiness that God has called them to display.

I doubt this really adds anything to the theme statement thread, but it was helpful for me in thinking about specific relationships between the “position and practice” parts of Ephesians (i.e. 1.20-21 ff. with 6.12 ff;   2.13-14 ff with 4.3-6;   2.1, 5, 10 with 4.7, 23-23 ff; etc.)

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