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Ephesians 4:1-16 Carpenter Flock teaching notes

Therefore:  What's the therefore there for?
1.3 spiritual blessings
2.5ff made alive ... raised ... seated
2.13  brought near ... made one ... reconciled 
3.17  Christ dwells in heart 
3.10, 21 the Church

BIG IDEA:  We should walk in unity in order to edify and build the Body up to the full stature of Christ.

Walk  comp/contrast w/ 2.2  once walked  comp 4.17 not as gentiles in the futility of minds

Jewish and OT metaphor for living 
worthy - suitably, in a manner worthy of
example: Use your inside voice.  Don't wear those shoes inside.  Take the "wrestling" outside.
Rom 16.2 worthy of the saints
Phl 1.27 worthy of the Gospel
Col 1.10 worthy of the Lord
1 Thess 2.12 worthy of the God
3 Jn 1.6 in a manner worthy of God
Walk in...
4.3 Unity
4.17 not gentiles-holy
5.1 love
5.7 light
5.15 wisdom

Calling  Phil'p 3.14 I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
Rom. 8.30  Those He predestined He called ... justified
the position and practice of the Christian

Lowliness - humility  God gives grace to   Like Matt 11:28

Gentleness - meekness, self-control  sermon on the mount, fruit of the Spirit

Longsuffering - long fule

Bearing - used of enduring persecution  1 Cor 4:12  tolerant of the faults and quirks of other believers

endeavoring - make an effort
to keep the unity Eph 2.16-16
of the Spirit - same Spirit in all believers leading the same direction
in the bond of peace
These four form a progression and represent hard work.  (similar to how we work on our marriage relationships)
We are called not just to a private relationship, but to a relationship in community.

APPLICATION:  What about your attitude, character, etc., makes unity difficult?

Seven times "one" 
All three persons of the Trinity
The creeds typicallly began with "Father."  What does this order emphasize?

1. BODY  Rom 12.4-5  many members   one body in Christ
2. SPIRIT  2.18  access by one spirit
               1.13-14 sealed / guarantee of inheritance
               1 .cor 12.13-14  by one Spirit baptized into one body
one hope  were without hope  2.12  praying for them to know in 1.18
3. LORD  reference to Christ  deity on par with Father and Spirit
not multiple deities to follow / not Artemis or the Emperor
4. FAITH  "the faith"  set or core convictions
               contrast with 4.14  every wind of doctrine
5. BAPTISM  not clear whether water or 1 Cor 12.13 Spirit at salvation
"The one without the other was an anomaly." --Peter O'Brian
6. GOD AND FATHER  "and' or "even"
Who is all?  1) Believers fists the context and emph. the Church  some mss. add in us all or in you all
                  2) creation like Rom 11:36 and Col. 1.21-22 and 3.15

APPLICATION: Col 3.11 Where there is neither...
What distracts you from unity with other believers?  Keeps Christ from being central?

Each --individually
          to ALL of us  
You have a special grace (enablement) to serve the body of Christ.

grace and gift  similar words in the Greek
3.7  became a minister according to the gift of grace...

Psa 68.17-18  victorious warrior King/God
           20      salvation
           21-23  crushed enemies
"received gifts" changed to "gave gifts"
The Lord received gifts in order to give them.
Note: Our grace/gifts are a result of Christ descending to the lower parts and ascending to heavenly places

APPLICATION: Do you think of yourself as divinely gifted for service?


Apostles - one sent with a commission
can refer to the 12 disciples
to "capital A" Apostles like Paul with authority  1 Cor. 9.1-2; Barnabas and some brothers of Christ 
seen the Lord -- Agabus Acts 11:28; 21:10-11
Prophets -- 1 Cor 14.3 "He who prophecies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort"
lack of complete cannon - laid foundation
foundation of the A & P  2.20
Evangelists -- evangelize and train
2 Tim 4.5  "Do the work of..."
Acts 21.8  Philip the Evangelist Pastor -- shepherd,  what do shepherds do?  Guide, protect, feed, care, etc.
Teacher -- This highlights the importance of instruction for a pastor/teacher\

*for equipping (to render fit) the saints  mend / outfit, put in order / ethically strengthen
Who?  regular believers, all
For what?  
1. work of service  (Do you serve?)
2. Edifying - building the body  
Note the progression 

1. Till we attain
unity (not division) of the faith
knowledge or Christ (object of faith)
perfect / mature --> complete
measure of stature of Christ -- graces and qualities / like the image of Christ
2. that we should no longer be...
children -- easily fooled and manipulated
tossed and carried (tricky, cunning, plotting)  trendy doctrine
troth in love  (We need both.)
3. grow into Him
Head - Christ
Parts - comp. w/ 1 Cor 12.20-25 eye, hand, feet

APPLICATIONS: The Body  -- Have you found / Do you have a part?  Are you working well with the other parts or are you an inflamed tendon or bit of arthritiss

Exegetical Commentary on the NT --Clinton Arnold / Zondervan
The Letter to the Ephesians -  Peter O'Brian / Pillar NT
Exposition Commentary - Wiersbe 
Commentary on the NT Use of the OT

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