Tuesday, January 17, 2017

One of Mingo Valley Christian School's finest, Mr. Wade Emmons (1920 - 2017)

Warren G. Harding was elected the 29th President a couple of days before Wade Emmons was born in 1920.  Mr. Emmons grew up in the Canton, OK, area and was one of 5 brothers and sisters.  He married Luella Lorenz March 30th, 1945, in Fort Worth, TX, while he was in the Army Air Corps.  Mr. Emmons was an electronics technician for more than 24 years at McDonnell Douglas and retired in 1985.
After retiring, Mr. Emmons became the school custodian for Mingo Valley Christian School.  Mr. Emmons didn’t say a lot, but he taught us as much by his faithful example as any preacher.  For twenty years, Mr. Emmons was a great example of those character traits that were taught to the kids. 
JOYFULNESS- being happy inside and out.     Mr. Emmons was consistently cheerful and encouraging.  I don’t ever remember seeing him unhappy or angry.
GODLINESS- putting God first.  He had a spiritual (in a Bible sense) view on life and was cut from the same "I love Jesus" cloth as Brother Laws. 
SERVING/HELPING- meeting the needs of others by the things I do.  Mr. Emmons was a servant’s servant.  He just did what needed to be done without complaining.
DILIGENCE- working hard to accomplish a task.  Mr. Emmons was like the Energizer Bunny.  He just keeps going and going and going.  Keeping up with him was a real challenge.
THRIFTINESS- wise use of what I have.  Mr. Emmons was able to fix and repair stuff that most people would just throw away.  He used and reused everything.
CREATIVITY- doing something in a new way.  Some of the ways that seemed new to us were things Mr. Emmons had learned years ago, but he still had to think “outside the box” to keep that old facility running smoothly.
CONTENTMENT- happy with what I have.  Mr. Emmons was not a complainer.  He made the best of every situation.
DEDICATION- to become committed to something as a goal or way of life.  Mr. Emmons was dedicated to serving the Lord at Mingo Valley Christian School.  He served the staff, parents, and student of MVCS for some 20 years.
Character counts to the Lord Jesus, and character counts at Mingo.  We are also thankful to have that faithful example carried on by our current school custodian, Mr. Joe Madden.

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