Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tues 090630 pm Rom 12 Acts 17

Romans 12

12.2 Renewal of your mind... It is the "heart" not the mind that we usually associate with spiritual renewal. Right thinking does tend toward right doing.
12.8 acts of mercy and cheerfulness... What a great combination. I am trying to think what acts of mercy would look like without cheerfulness. It would be a sad flavor of mercy that had no cheerfulness.
12.21 overcome evil with good... That is hard preaching and hard to do. I think that the stamina and resolve to do that is rare.

Acts 17

17.25 As though God needed anything. God's independence.
17.30 times of ignorance. We live in a time of increased knowledge and accountability.
17.31 The resurrection assures us that Christ will judge. The relationship between Christ's resurrection and the judgement is an intriguing pair to think about. The relationship is thought provoking.

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