Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thurs 090702 am Psa 21-22

Psalm 21 David; 13 vs.; ---??
This psalm begins with the Lord's blessings on the king and then anticipates His future judgment of those who oppose Him.

21.4 length of days forever... What's with that? Either is it is a reference to Christ, which makes this psalm a lot more interesting or some kind of idiom.
21.9 when you appear... I, for some reason, find OT references to Christ's coming interesting. This is a reference to a still future event and states a hope that I can share with David.
21.13 A nice praise and worship verse. has an interesting exposition of phrases that are often falsely attributed to the Bible.

Psalm 22 David; 31 vs.; 22.1-31--Matt. 26.24; 22.1-Matt. 27.46 & Mark 15.34; 22.7-9--Matt. 27.43; 22.18--Matt. 27.35; 22.19--John 19.24; 22.22--John 27.35 & Heb. 2:12; Wow! A lot of allusions.

22.25 First line refers to God in 2nd person which makes the 3rd person him in the second line puzzeling.
22.29-31 These are some curious verses.

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