Monday, July 20, 2009

Mon 090720 pm 1 Cor 10 Psa 48-49

1 Corinthians 10

10.1-10 I love the allusion to the old testament stories.
10.17 On bread ... one body I love the part of communion that emphasizes our unity.

Psalm 48 Sons of Korah; 14 vs.; 48.2--Matthew 5.35..7
A Israel-centric song of praise.

48.2 the city of the great King. I am not sure this is specifically alluded to by Matt. 5.35 even though a phrase it repeated. I wonder if this is a name for Jerusalem that both "happened" to use or if Matthew had this passage in mind.
48.10 a nice verse of praise

Psalm 49 Sons of Korah; 20 vs.; ---??
Foolishness of those who trust in wealth.

49.7 no man can ransom another... This is a good verse for why couldn't someone else die for my sins.
49.15 Amen. Great promise.
49.20 It is so sad being lost.

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