Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tues 090721 pm Psa 50-51

Psalm 50 Asaph; 23 vs.; --??

50.14-15 great "condition" and promise
50.16 What right have you to recite my statues... This is a very interesting verse. It seems at odds with the common attitude among Christian of sometimes almost being desperate to have a pagan show any interest in spiritual things. It raises the question of what gives you the right to recite His statutes.
50.23 The way this verse sets offers thanksgiving as his sacrifice and orders his way rightly alongside each other is a promising subject for thought and meditation.

Psalm 51 David; 19 vs.; 51.4--??
Great psalm of confession and repentance.

51.3 my sin is ever before me... This is almost always the case with me. I will be glad when I see Jesus and am perfect and holy like him. Thank God for His unspeakable gift.
51.11 Cast me not away... my prayer too.
51.12 the joy of Your salvation... is so sweet.
51.17 broken ... contrite That doesn't seem like a very good self esteem exercise.

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