Thursday, September 10, 2009

pm 090910 pm Psa 106-107

Psalm 106 Anon.; 48 vrs.; 106.10--Luke 1.71; 106.45--Luke 1.72; 106.48--Luke 1.63
Recounting God's faithfulness and Irael's stubborn unfaithfulness.

106.7 did not consider your wonderous works; We are so oblivious to His working.
106.8 but... There are, tragicaly, too many of these kinds of "but's" and "then's" in this chapter and our lives.
106.23 stood in the breach before him... I would like to be known for this.

Book Five

Psalm 107 Anon.; 43 vrs.; 107.9--Luke 1.53
Praise for the Lord delivering his wayward people.

107.1 This is the third psalm in a row that starts this way.
107.8 the children of man... also in verses 15, 21, & 31
107.43 let them consider the steadfast love of the Lord... I need to keep in mind throughout my day the importance of considering, esp. the steadfast love of the Lord.

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