Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thurs 090903 pm Ezra 7-9

Ezra 7
7.1 Back sixteen names to Aaron.
7.6 on him... Who? Ezra or the king?
7.10 set his heart to study, to do it, to teach... This is a great verse.
7.11 compare with verse 6
7.12 the God of heaven... I wondered how much this reference to God was informed by the kings pagan background and what its significance is.
7.14 to make inquiries... What exactly did he want him to do?
7.15 freely offered to God... Why did they give the money and how ordinary was it to do that for a god.
7.19 The vessels that have been given... I wonder what these were since they had already taken the vessels that Nebuchadnezzar took.
7.23 lest his wrath be against the realm of the king... This is a very curious phrase. Was this the the PC thing to say, was he covering his bases with all the gods, or did he acknowledge the great power of God.
7.24 Their version of a 501c organization.
7.27 to beautify the house of the Lord... I had always thought of Ezra's primary ministry as one of spiritual reform.

Ezra 8
8.2-14 I don't really get how these names are grouped.
8.16 men of insight... This is a curious description in this context.
8.18, 22, 31 hand of our God...
8.20 These were all mentioned by name... He makes a point to remind that he had already told the names which seems to indicate that they are important. Why for us?
8.21 humble and then seek. It seems that humble might be an idiom or code word for something.
8.22 ashamed to ask... Ezra was concered about the Lord's honor.
8.31 delivered us from... As in there were no attacks or they were able to repulse the attacks.
8.34 It is interesting that he made such a point about the weighing and measuring. v. 25, 26, 30, & 33
8.35 a burnt offering... Exactly what kind of offering was this?

Ezra 9
9.2 the holy race...
9.2 in this faithlessness the hand of the hand of the officials ... has been foremost. This is a sad state of affairs. God, help be to be ahead of the curve.
9.4 I sat appalled until evening... I don't think anybody sits that long today.
9.6 ashamed and blush... This is a vivid response to the guilt of the nation. It is a response that I have not typically thought of. Godly sorrow, etc... but not embarrassment.
9.8 that God may brighten our eyes... Great description.
9.9 its ruins... It is something that the temple had already come to ruin...
9.9 some reviving... interesting use of this word. Check the Hebrew.
9.12 never seek their peace or prosperity that you may be strong... There are a few things that this could mean. Not unite with them, not help them, passively or actively oppose them?
9.13 less than our iniquities deserve... How true.
9.15 You are just... A stark contrast the the "Why me?" and "It's not fair!" mantra that is so common.

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