Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tues 090901 pm Ezra 1-2

Ezra 1

1.1 first year of Cyrus... This makes it sound like some of this my have been policy changes that come with a new King.
1.1 that the word of the Lord by the mouth of Jeremiah might be fulfilled... What is the reference and the context? "by the mouth" points to the agency of Jeremiah.
1.1 throughout the kingdom... If this was just about Judah, why did it go out throughout all the kingdom?
1.2 The Lord God of heaven... It strikes me as a little odd that a pagan king would refer to God this way.
1.3 his God be with Him... Interesting that he did not say "the" God.
1.3 the God who is in Jerusalem... This seems more local that "God of heaven."
1.4 be assisted by men of his place... Who are these men?
1.8 Sheshbazzar... I wonder who he was and why he would be mentioned?
1.10 What is the point to giving the number of all the vessels?

Ezra 2

2.2 I wonder if any of these guys are mentioned anywhere else.
2.3-34 "people" I wonder if any of these people are mentioned anywhere else. What is the total number? Are the textual variants that would cause some of these numbers to no be absolutely determined.
2.36 sons' of Ela seemed to be the most prolific.
2.36 "priests"
2.40-42 Levites
2.43-54 Temple servants
2.55-57 Solomon's servants
2.58 Do these numbers square with 2.55-57?
2.59-63 "could not prove their fathers' houses
2.66-67 It is interesting that the named the number of animals.
2.69 according to their ability... A good rule of thumb for giving.

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