Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fri 091030 pm Heb 12 Isa 57

"[There is a]difference between saying prayers, which is an activity, and pryaing, which is a sould attitude~Prayer means keeping company with God who is already present."  Philip Yancey in Prayer: Does it Make any Difference?

Hebrews 12
I really like these first vereses of Hebrews 12, especially in the context of the last part of chapter eleven's description of ""those of whom the world was not worthy."

12.9 the Father of spirits...  This is a fasinating title for God.  I don't remember reading it anywhere else.
12.10  that we may share His holiness...  The goal of God's dicipline, our good and closeness to Him.
12.14  strive for peace with everyone and holiness...  Thinking about the relationship between peace and for the holiness.  Striving hints that sometimes it may not be possible, at least in the short term.

Isaiah 57
57.4 stick your tongues out... Just a funny expression to see in the Bible.  So sticking your tongue out is Biblical ... if you are mocking someone.  Usually not considered very nice.
57.11  and do not fear me?  in a Romans 2.4b kind of way.
57.15  Great verse about God's greatness and how we get close to Him.
57.18  I have seen his ways, but I will heal him...  That the program that I got saved under.  Woot woot for the God who knows us in all our disapointed details and will still do His good work in us.

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