Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wed 091028 pm Isa 51-56

Isaiah 51
51.6 the earth will wear out like a garment... This is a very thought expanding comment. I alway thought of the earth as being immutable. The recent enviromental movement has raised the question of how long the earth will be inhabitable. I think awareness of the temporary nature of our planet should help us look toward the eternal treasures and values of heaven.
51.7 Listen to me, you who know righteousness...fear not the reproach of man...
51.13 have forgotten the Lord, your Maker... This is the essence of godlessness and it is fatal in a person's life if we leave our thoughts adrift.

Isaiah 52
This is really a very beautiful chapter. I especially like the last half with verse 7 which is quoted in Romans 10.15 and verse 11 which can flow from the interpretation of the Jews leaving Babylon/Persia and coming back to the promised land to live by the law God had given them to the general application of believers leaving their life before Christ or time of sin in the life a a believer to return to the practice of a sanctified life.

Isaiah 53
53.1 Who has believed... a pressing question
53.5 that brought us peace... This can get lost in the legal emphasis of justification.
53.12 makes intercession for the transgressors... That is reassuring to know. He prays for the group I belong t0--transgressors.

Isaiah 54
54.10 my covenant of peace... says the Lord who has compassion on you... Compassion and peace are good partners.

Isaiah 55
55.2 Why do you spend your money on that which is not bread? Boy! do we ever spend money on things that don't satisfy. God give me the wisdom to focus on things that matter.
55.8-9 These verses desribe a neglected "attribute" of God.

Isaiah 56
56.7 a house of prayer for all peoples...  I like this expression.  The focus on God's intention to call people from across the world and the focus on prayer / worship.  It in a loose way forshadows the scenes in heaven from the book of Revelation.

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