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Sat 0906-0910 am Isa 23-30 1Th 4-5

Isaiah 23
23.9 to defile the pompous pride... The language of defiling pride has a intriguing imagery.
23.17 Her [Tyre] merchandise and her wages will be holy to the Lord... This is a very interesting and instructive use of the word "holy."

Isaiah 24
24.5 The earth lies defiled under its inhabitants... A couple interesting thoughts. First, this is phrased like the inhabitants belong to the earth rather than the other way around. I don't see a new doctrine to get started here, but it is an interesting thought. Also, the verse speaks of the transgression of laws and breaking the everlasting covenant and causing the earth itself to be defiled. It reminds me of the blood of Able crying up from the ground.
24.20 the transgression lies heavy upon it [the earth]... and cause the earth to stagger. This is an interesting description of something I have usually thought of as morally inert and neutral.
24.21 that day... So far I have noticed almost 20 references to "that day." It is a theme that would be expected in Isaiah, but I just haven't noticed it's prominence before.

Isaiah 25
25.4 a stronghold for the poor... another frequent theme in Psalms and the OT.
25.4 a shelter from the storm... This reminds me of an old, but great, hymn ("A Shelter in the Time of Storm) that did not make the cut for the newer hymnals.
25.8 and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces... Bring it on! Lots of people ready for this one.

Isaiah 26
26.3 Great verse and good reminder.
26.10 A solemn and sober warning along the lines of Romans 2.4-5
26.21 the earth will disclose the blood shed on it... when the Lord comes out from His place to punish. Again the intriguing imagery of the earth holding the blood of the slain for the right time. That will be better than DNA evidence. I am wondering what that will look like.

Isaiah 27
27.11 a people without discernment; therefore He who made them will not have compassion on them... Maybe discernment is underrated. It is like God has little patience for those who have no spiritual sense.

Isaiah 28
28.11 Refer to 1 Corinthians 14 for this one.
28.12-13 This is rest ... this is repose ... but they would not hear it so the Word will be a snare to them. Do the weary really even want rest? They won't take God's Word to heart. This is often the case with the weary.
28.23-29 A useful parable for young people from a using good sense angle and a loving reminder that God has and uses that same kind of good sense in dealing with His people.

Isaiah 29
29.13 There is a lot of this going around. And is it a good reminder for me not to leave off before the most important part.
29.16 Boy! We sure are mouthy pots sometimes.
29.23 they will sanctify the Holy One of Israel... "because they now hallow the name of the LORD, and respect the holiness of the LORD." --Guzik
"The Lord would halt the downward course of the history of Jacob's family, and transform them. The Israelites would at last confess their God as holy and acknowledge His holiness as central in their lives. They would be fruitful rather than barren. 356The text gives no basis for interpreting the people in view as the spiritual seed of Jacob, the church, as Young, 2:332, did." --Dr. Constable's Expository (Bible Study) Notes

Isaiah 30
30.7 Rahab who sits still... According to Unger's Commentary on the OT, "Rahab was the 'sea dragon,' which became a symbol for Egypt, threatening in appearance but laggard in action."

1 Thessalonians 4
4.2 your sanctification... Practical advise on what it means to be set apart for the Lord.
4.6 the Lord is an avenger... A raw fear of God's judgement invoked here.
4.9 brotherly love... alone would be an improvement for many.

1 Thessalonians 5
5.6&8 be sober... associated with the light and day.
5.14 admonish, encourage, help, be patient with all... Different responses for different problems and situations.

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