Saturday, October 10, 2009

sat 091010 pm Isa 31-33

Isaiah 31
31.1 do not look to ... do not consult the Lord! It is so easy to get my eyes off the Lord and begin to consult my own good opinion or the "world's" way of looking at things.
31.2 He is wise and brings disaster... In this context against evildoers, but something to think about anyway.

Isaiah 32
32.2 each [prince] will be like a hiding place ... a shelter from the storm... A noble calling for a leader.
32.4 The heart of the hasty... I guess that haste does make waste.
32.7 the poor... The lying is aggravated by its purpose against the poor.

Isaiah 33
33.6 abundance of salvation, wisdom, and knowledge... The abundance of wisdom and knowledge makes sense, but what about salvation. It seems you are either saved or not. This is an interesting one to think on.
33.6 The fear of the Lord is a treasure.
33.15 What does the righteous despise, etc..? gain of opression, a bribe, hearing of bloodshed, looking on evil (which I suspect carries the implication of condoning it).

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