Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sun-mon 09118-9 Prov 1-4

Proverbs 1
1.7 & 29 the fear of the Lord...  Notice how the fear of the Lord is paralleled with knowledge.  
1.7 The fear of the Lord... compared with or equated to knowledge and instruction.
1.18 they set an ambush for their own lives... Those who hurt others are setting a course for hurting themselves.
1.29 did not chose the fear of the Lord... They hated knowledge.
Both times fear of the Lord is mention it is parallel with knowledge.
   1) knowledge
          a) knowledge, perception, skill
          b) discernment, understanding, wisdom

Proverbs 2
2.5 Fear of the Lord... Seeking understanding & insight, will open your eyes to the fear of the Lord.

2.15  whose paths are crooked...  The imagery of crookedness representing evil is good meditation material.

Proverbs 3
3.6   straight paths...
3.7   fear the Lord, and turn away from evil... Fear of the Lord will change out actions. It is interesting that it says evil, not sins or evils. It would be interesting to do some word studies to follow up on that.
3.12  tough verse, but reassuring
3.32  devious... It is instructive that this is identified as an abomination to the Lord.

Proverbs 4
4.23  Keep your heart with all vigilance...
4.26  Ponder...  Thinking about what we are doing.  Sometimes we don't give enough thought to what and why we do things.

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