Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thurs 091112 pm Prov 5-10

Proverbs 5
5.2  lips may guard knowledge... Guard or keep.  This seems to be a more active word.  It seems to imply a degree of vigilence and effort.
5.6  ponder the path of life ... wander, and she does not know it ...  It's interesting to see, in light of 4.26.  The wicked are clueless from a moral and wisom standing.
5.19  Intoxicated always in her love...  ESV has a translation note that this can also be translated "be lead astray", which makes no sense to me in this context.  That is curious. 
שגה  shagah
1) to wonder, to go astray
2) to reel (as with wine)
3) to err, to transgress
5.21 ponders...  Again another odd translation note in the esv.

Proverbs 6
6.1 Go to the ant...  A great science project.
6.12  a worthless person ... crooked speech ...  The two seem to go together.

Proverbs 7
7.7  lacking sense...  A serious and difficult disease.
7.14  The hypocrisy in this verse is breath taking.

Proverbs 8
8.7  wickedness is an abomination to my lips...
8.9  straight to him who understands...  So to the unwise they are crooked and difficult to follow.  Hmmm
8.12  prudence, knowledge, & discretion all go with wisdom.
8.13  the fear of the Lord...  is the hatred of evil.   Our evil and not the evil of others.

Proverbs 9
9.9  wise man paralleled with a righteous man...  That says something about the nature of wisdom and righteousness.
9.10 The parallelism in this verse is full and rich.

Proverbs 10
10.12  but love covers all offenses...
10.8 & 10  babbling fool...
10.16  The contrast between "life" and "sin" is full of meaning.
10.19  A good reminder.
10.26  A good cerebrial cartoon.
10.27  the fear of the Lord

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