Monday, December 21, 2009

Mon 091221 pm Job 27-30

27.6  My heart shall not reproach me...  I was thinking about the "curses" Job calls onto himself if he has done this or that bad thing in chapter 31.  This seems to fit in with that.  Job was confident of his rightness.  I would probably be more cautious.  
27.8 hope of the hypocrite...  Is it to look good?  but for how long?
27.12b  This just struck me as funny. It would be a good t-shirt or coffee mug idea.
28.15-19  Job's wife must have gotten some amazing anniversary presents.  :o)
28.25  I wonder what "a weight for the wind" meant to the patriarchs.  It seems that they might not have had how much a cubic liter of air weighs in mind.
28.28 The paralleling of fear of the Lord and departing from evil is instructive.
29. 2  when God watched over me...
29.3  His lamp shone upon my head...
          by His light I walked through the darkness...
29.4  the friendly counsel of God was over my tent...
29.5  the Almighty was yet with me...
These are all rich metaphors for God's blessing presence.  It sounds like the basis of a benediction.
     May God watch over you.
     May His lamp shine on your head,
        and may you walk in darkness by His light.
     May His friendly counsel be over your dwelling,
        and may He gather your children around you in His presence.
29.12 And what was the cause of the great honor expressed in the preceding verses? Because I delivered the poor who cried out, etc..
29.13  The satisfaction of true gratitude expressed.
30.7  What nests under the nettles?
30.9 byword: The object of a contemptuous saying. (Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913 + 1828)

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