Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mon 100111 pm Matt 7-9

Matthew 7
7.7 an old favorite
7.13-14 easy ... find...  I find the contrast between these two words fertile ground for meditation.
7.16-20  by their fruits... So, what does it mean when the word fruit occurs seven times in five verses.  Just what point is our Lord making here?

Matthew 8
8.3  I will... Most beautiful words from our Savior!  “Oh, what a wonder that Jesus loves me!”

Jesus Loves Even Me

I am so glad that our Father in Heav’n
Tells of His love in the Book He has giv’n;
Wonderful things in the Bible I see,
This is the dearest, that Jesus loves me.
I am so glad that Jesus loves me,
Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me.
I am so glad that Jesus loves me,
Jesus loves even me.
Though I forget Him, and wander away,
Still He doth love me wherever I stray;
Back to His dear loving arms I do flee,
When I remember that Jesus loves me.
Oh, if there’s only one song I can sing,
When in His beauty I see the great King,
This shall my song through eternity be,
“Oh, what a wonder that Jesus loves me!”
Jesus loves me, and I know I love Him;
Love brought Him down my poor soul to redeem;
Yes, it was love made Him die on the tree;
Oh, I am certain that Jesus loves me!
If one should ask of me, how can I tell?
Glory to Jesus, I know very well!
God’s Holy Spirit with mine doth agree,
Constantly witnessing Jesus loves me.
In this assurance I find sweetest rest,
Trusting in Jesus, I know I am blessed;
Satan, dismayed, from my soul now doth flee,
When I just tell him that Jesus loves me.
Words and music by Philip P. Bliss
Mr. Bliss said that this song was suggested to him by hearing the chorus of the hymn “Oh, how I love Jesus,” repeated very frequently in a meeting which he atten ed. After joining in the chorus a number of times the thought came to him, “Have I not been singing enough about my poor love for Jesus, and shall I not rather sing of his great love for me?”   --from the cyberhymnal

8.13  as you have believed...  While some may go to an extreme with this idea, it is still there. Not every time, but often.
8.33  especially what had happened to the demon-possessed men... I suspect I would have taken more notice of the heard of pigs going over the cliff.  The term demon-possessed here is unfortunate.  I would prefer demonized, which is probably not even a word.

Matthew 9
9.8  afraid...  That was not the reaction I would have expected, but it does make sense.  They "got it."
9.30  But they went away and spread his fame...  I chuckle to myself at the irony of these "don't tell anybody verses."  Jesus told them to keep it quiet and they told everybody.  He told us to tell everybody and we barely say anything.

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