Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quick read in Matthew

9.2  saw there faith...  How did he do that?  Think about it.
10.22 endures... Interesting word choice.  Kinda seems like barely making it, but that is probably the conotation that follow the English that give that impression.
11.21 & 23  If the mighty works ... they would have repented.  This is a head scratcher.  Why then didn't He?
11.27  the Son chooses...  But we want to choose.
12.9  Their synagogue...  This might be to identify it as the synagogue that those particular Pharisees frequented, but if you take this in a general sense--ouch!  It should have been God's.
12.21  gentiles... That's me! PTL
14.31  little faith ... doubt ...  Seems that a little was not enough this time.
15.21-27 Now this lady had some spunk!
15.28  Be it done for you as you desire.  Sweet words from the Lord, for sure.
16.25  follow...  Carrying a cross is of little value if you are going the right direction with it.
18.4  humbles himself as a child...  Maybe childlike faith everybody talks about should be childlike humility. A proud faith is an oxymoron.
18.9  hell of fire...  This is an interesting translation by the ESV.  I wonder what other kinds of hell there would be.  :o)
19.26  with God...  The game changer.

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