Sunday, April 4, 2010

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Luke 23
23.23  their voices prevailed...  Mob rule often ends badly.
23.25 delivered Jesus over to their will...  Getting what we want is often a bad thing.  One of God's punishments is to give us what we want.  Save us from ourselves.
23.42-43  remember will be with me...  It was all about Jesus.  The theif wanted to be remembered by Jesus and to be with Jesus is the solution.
Luke 24
24.16  their eyes were kept from recognizing him...  It seems from this wording that there spiritual astuteness doesn't seem to be a factor here.
24.25  He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures...  This seems to be both supernatural and His skill in explaining at work here.
24.49  clothes with power from on high...  An instructive way to describe the baptism of the Spirit that was to come.
Ezekiel 36
36.26  the heart of stone...  This would be a good sermon title sometime.
36.32  Be ashamed and confounded for your ways...  This is a very colorful and instructive description of what could probably be called repentance.  So would our Western culture prefer the term guilty to ashamed?

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