Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thurs 100401 pm Lk 21-22

Luke 21
21.4  out of her poverty...  The Lord seems to be more concerned about what we have left than how much we give.
21.15  I will give you a mouth and wisdom...  There are a lot of mouths, but not as much wisdom.  I suspect that too much fret about what will happen could cause anxiousness.  This may be similar to why God took the Israelites around the long way to the promised land.
21.28  redemption is drawing near...  conversion, sanctification, and finally glorification, the third part of our redemption.
21.31  the kingdom of God...  as still future here, or an important aspect of it anyway.
Luke 22
22.2  chief priests and the scribes were...   The would have been better served by focusing on the Paschal season and cleansing out the malice and evil and preparing their hearts to celebrate the Seder with sincerity and truth (1 Cor. 5.7-8)
22.22  but woe to that man by whom...  Evil may be inevitable, but it should be in spite of me not because of me.
22.45  sleeping for sorrow...  Interesting to contemplate the connection between the physical and emotional.  I wonder why the disciples were so sorrowful.  I guess that Jesus must have set a pretty serious tone as the Seder.

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