Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wed 100331 am Luke 19-20

Luke 19
19. 8  fourfold...  Similar to the OT law.
19.13  engage in business...  Somehow I don't remember this ever standing out to me like it did today.  The word "business" has has some thought provoking implications.
19.44  the time of your visitation...  I want to maintain a watchful heart that does not miss my time.
19.48  the people were hanging on his words... The sweet spot for any preacher.
Luke 20
20. 16  surely not...   I just love the way the esv translates this response.  But, yes, surely.
20.26  marveling...they became silent...  This is a heart attitude that most of us could use more.  It reminds me of Job in chapter 40.
20.35  who are considered worthy...  Col 1.12

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