Monday, April 12, 2010

Sat 100410 Ez 39&49 Jn 3

Ezekiel 39 (again)
Against Gog (again)
39.11  give Gog a place for burial in Israel...  Even translated into English, the word craft is still superb.
39.17&19  a sacrificial feast... (of Gog and mulitude corpses for the animals)  This is an intriguing phrase.
39.26 forget their shame and all the treachery...   I can identify with this in regards to slavery in the US or the holicaust in Germany.  It was such an awful time I don't even want to think about it (but still need to remember.)  Here they will finally be able to forget.  How sweet!
39.27  vindicate my holiness in the sight of many nations...
Ezekiel 49
49.8  sanctuary in the midst...  right where it belongs
49.35  from that time on...  Not having to worry about ever doing the whole 2 Kings thing again is truly peace.
John 3
3.15  as Moses... a context for this verse that seems to be often ignored
3.19  people loved darkness...  How tragic and true.
3.22  John and Jesus baptizing in the same area must have been a little weird.
3.30  I must decrease...  Not the normal desired career development.

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