Wednesday, July 7, 2010

100707 Gen 11-13

Genesis 11
11.9 There the Lord confused the language... Language, singular.  I hadn't noticed that.  I would imagine that it has some philological significance.
11.10 the generations of Shem...
11.27 the generations of Tera...  
11.28 The description of Haran's death seems to be loaded with cultural significance.
Genesis 12
12.1-3  Five "I will's"
12.10-20  I was struck by what a desperate, fearful time this must have been for Abram.
12.7  so he built an altar...
12.8  there he built an altar...
Genesis 13
13.7  at that time...  This phrase seems to indicate some shifts over time in where people groups lived.
13.13  great sinners...  I suspect that the Canaanites that Abram lived with were not wholesome God-fearing people either.

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