Monday, July 19, 2010

100719 Gen 25-27

Genesis 25
25.22  and she went to inquire of the Lord...  I presume that the Lord did not include the specific way she inquired to prevent some odd cultic activity whenever we want to know what the Lord wants us to do,  but I am still curious.
25.34  Esau despised his birthright...  I thought this was interesting in the light of 22.36. 
Genesis 26
26.4  Genesis 12 blessing repeated to Isaac.
26.28  the Lord has been with you...  This is what we all want people to notice about us.
Genesis 27
27.5  Now Rebekah was listening...  This was one tricky lady.
27.6  and bless you before the Lord...  This is an interesting expression, "before the Lord."
27.38  and Esau lifted up his voice and wept...  Hebrews 12.16-18

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