Sunday, August 29, 2010

Date ??? Numbers 32-36

Numbers 32
32.7  Why will you discourage the people?  It is interesting to see the whole issue couched in terms of discouraging others from obeying God instead of not doing their fair share.
32.12  wholly followed Me...  Caleb is a man I want to be like.
32.23  be sure your sin will find you out.  I find this to  be a intriguing expression especially in the immediate context of sinning against the Lord.  I had always thought of this in terms of natural consequences, but am wondering about that now.
32.32  before the Lord...  here in the context of going to battle.  This expression is made more interesting here in the context of things that will be devoted to destruction, but mainly is a reminder that everything we do is "before the Lord."

Numbers 33
  1. Succoth
  2. Etham
  3. Migdol
  4. Marah
  5. Elim
  6. Read Sea
  7. wilderness of Sin
  8. Dophkah
  9. Alush
  10. Rephidim
  11. Wilderness of Mihkah
  12. Kibroth-hattaavah
  13. Hezeroth
  14. Rithmah
  15. Rimmon-perez
  16. Libnah
  17. Rissah
  18. Kehelathah
  19. Mount Shepher
  20. Haradah
  21. Makheloth
  22. Tahath
  23. Terah
  24. Mithkah
  25. Hashmonah
  26. Moseroth
  27. Bene-jaakan
  28. Horhaggidgad
  29. Jotbathah
  30. Abronah
  31. Ezion-geber
  32. Wilderness of Zin (Kadesh)
  33. Mount Hor
  34. 33.38 Aaron ... died...
  35. Zalmonah
  36. Punon
  37. Oboth
  38. Iye-abarium
  39. Dibon-gad
  40. Almondiblathaim
  41. Mountains of Abarim
  42. plains of Moab
Doesn't sound like much of a vacation.
Numbers 34
borders and tribal chiefs
Numbers 35
35.22  pushed him suddenly without enmity...  
35.31 accept no ransom for his life...  I guess the rich were able to buy their way out of troubles too.
35.33  pollute the land...  Innocent blood is the kind of pollution that everyone wants to stop.
35.33  no atonement can be made for the land...  What a curious thought I had only thought of atonement in the terms of people's sin.
Numbers 36
36.6  Let them marry whom they think be best...  An interesting thought when thinking about arranged marriages and telling daughters who they can't marry (conditions to these did seem to apply.

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