Tuesday, September 7, 2010

100907 1Kings 8

1Kings 8
8.11  for the glory of the Lord filled the house...  God's overwhelming presence.  
8.27  the highest heaven cannot contain you...  I am thinking about how small and manageable we sometimes like to make God.
8.39  hear in heaven Your dwelling place... 
8.31  man sins against his neigbor
8.33  Israel defeated
8.35  heaven is shut up
8.37  famine
8.41  a foreigner
8.44  out to battle
8.46  If they sin against you--for there it no one who does not sin...
8.48  repent with all their mind and all their soul...  This reminds me of 2 Chron. 16.9 where it speaks of a heart that it perfect, loyal, blameless, etc. toward Him.  An undivided heart.
8.57-8  May He not leave us or forsake us that He may incline our hearts toward Him...  This is a great thought.  Why do we want God to stay with us?  Here it is so He will make sure we do not drift from Him and turn toward others.  God keep my heart.

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