Wednesday, September 8, 2010

100908 1 Kings 9-10

1 Kings 9
9.19  The idea of attacking a city and killing a bunch of people for a dowry for your daughter is breath taking.  I just can't imagine.
9.21  unable to devote to destruction...  I am not sure I understand how you can force people to be slaves, but are not able to devote them to destruction.  Curious.
1 Kings 10
10.8  happy are your servants...  The attitude and temperament of a person's employees and workplace say a lot about him.
10.9  justice and righteousness...  I am thinking about how (משפט mishpat) and (צדקה tsĕdaqah) relate to just (δίκαιος dikaios) and equal (ἰσότης isotēs) in Colossians 4.1.
10.11-25  Part 1 of Solomon's three part downfall.  "excessive gold and silver" De. 17.16-17
10.25-29  Part 2 of Solomon's three part downfall.  "acquire many horses" De. 17.16-17

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