Sunday, September 19, 2010

100919 1 Kings 15-18

1Kings 15
15.3  not wholly true... Now, to me this would seem to indicate some inclination toward the Lord, but the next verse doesn't give much encouragement to that thought.
15.4  nevertheless, for David's sake...   I find this curious, because I am not sure that I would want a wicked offspring to rule just so I would have kin on the throne.  Something to think about.
15.10  Abishalom...  It is said in 1 Kings 15:2 that “his mother's name was Maachah, the daughter of Abishalom;” but in 2 Chr. 13:2 we read, “his mother's name was Michaiah, the daughter of Uriel of Gibeah.” The explanation is that Maachah is just a variation of the name Michaiah, and that Abishalom is probably the same as Absalom, the son of David. It is probable that “Uriel of Gibeah” married Tamar, the daughter of Absalom (2 Sam. 14:27), and by her had Maachah. The word “daughter” in 1 Kings 15:2 will thus, as it frequently elsewhere does, mean grand-daughter---WebBible Encyclopedia
15.26  and in his sin...  How horrible to have a sin named after your or assigned as "your" sin that you made people so.  God save me from such a sorry legacy.
15.25 Nadab ... did what was evil...

15.33 Basha ... did what was evil...
1Kings 16
16.7  and because he destroyed it...   Even our sin accomplishes God righteous purposed.
16.8  Elah ... drinking himself drunk ... 
16.12  according to the Word of the Lord... 
16.15, 19  Zimri reigned seven days... his sins ... doing evil ...  Quite a record for seven days.
16.29  Ahab ... did evil ... more than all who were before him...  and over achiever.  :o(
1Kings 17
17.1  Now Elijah...  A real turn of events.
17.24  now I know that you are a man of God...  It is funny that with the miracle of the unending meal and oil, she wasn't sure of him until now.
1 Kings 18
18.3  Now Obadiah feared the Lord greatly...  It is interesting to have such a strong believer serving so close to the monster Ahab.
18.6  so they divided the land...  Didn't Ahab have people who could do that for him?
18.21  between two opinions...

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