Wednesday, September 22, 2010

100921 1 Kings 19-22

1 Kings 19
19.5  And he laid down and slept...  sometimes a very spiritual thing to do.
19.13  What are you doing here?  That is a great question to ask ourselves often.

1Kings 20
20.9  I am having a hard time sorting out what exactly he is saying.
20.11  I love this proverbs.
20.34  Why did he let him go?
20.43  Sounds like a little pouting going on.

1 Kings 21
21.25  none who sold himself ... like Ahab...  I find the expression sold himself to be full of stuff to think about.
21.25  His wife incited... What a great helpmeet.

1Kings 22
22.5 What was Jehoshaphat doing up their with
22.13  let your word be like the word of one of them... but Micaiah was l=not the "get along to go along later.

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