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Esther outlines continued

Sermon Titles by Iain M. Duguid in the Reformed Expository Commentary
Standing Firm against the Empire  1.1-22
Beauty and the Beast 2.1-23
Mordecai Makes a Stand 3.1-15
The Dog That Didn't Bark  4.1-17
Meekness and Subtlety  5.1-14
The Man the King Delights to Honor  6.1-14
Coming Out in Susa  7.1-10
It Ain't Over  8.1-17
A World Turned Upside Down  9.1-10.3
I. The Jews of Persia are Threatened  1-5
   A. Life in Persia Is Dangerous  1.1-22
      1. Xerxes Is a Powerful and Dangerous King  1.1-8
      2. Queen Vashti Defies Xerxes  1.9-12
      3. The King and Nobles React to Vashti's Disobedience  1.13-22
   B. Esther, Mordecai, and Haman  2.1-3.15.
      1. Esther Is Made Queen of Persia  2.1-18
      2. Mordecai Foils an Assassination Attempt  2.19-23
      3. Haman Issues a Decree of Death Against the Jews  3.1-15
   C. Esther's Defining Moment  4.1-17
      1. Mordecai Mourns Over Haman's Decree  4.1-5
      2. Mordecai Begs Esther to Intercede  4.6-14
      3. Ether Calls a Three-Day Fast  4.15-17
   D. Esther's Intervention  5.1-14
      1. Esther Appears Uninvited Before the King  5.1-5a
      2. Ether Prepares a Banquet for the King and Haman  5.5b-7
      3. Haman Builds a Gallows to Kill Mordecai  5.8-14
II.  The Reversal of Destiny  6.1-9.19
   A. The Reversal Begins  6.1-14
      1. The King Has a Sleepless Night  6.1-3
      2. Haman Seeks the King's Permision to Kill Mordecai Immediatly  6.4-9
      3. Mordecai is Honored Instead  6.10-14
   B. Haman Is Executed 7.1-10
      1. Esthe Prepares a Second Banquet for the King and Haman  7.1-2
      2. Esther Reveals Her Jewish Identity and Accuses Haman  7.3-7
      3. The King Orders Haman Executed  7.8-10
   C. The Counter-Edict Is Issued  8.1-17
      1. Esther Introduces Mordecai to the King  8.1
      .2 Mordecai Receives the Signet Ring Previously Worn By Haman  8.2
      3. Esther Gives Haman's Property to Mordecai  8.3-8
      4. Mordecai Writes the Counter-Edict  8.9-17
   D. The Day of Conflict Arrives   9.1-19
      1. The Jews Kill Many, Including Hamna's Ten Sons  9.1-10
      2. Esther Asks for Their Bodies to Be Displayed and for a Second Day of Killing in Susa  9.11-19
III. Purim Is Established  9.20-32
   A. Mordecai Writes to the Jews of Persia  9.20-28
   B. Esther Writes to Confirm Mordecai's Letter  9.29-32
IV. Epilogue:  Mordecai Is Esteemed As National Hero  10.1-3
Karen H. Jobes in NIV Application Commentary.
       A. Greatness of Ahasuerus  1.1-8
      B. Two Banquets of the Persians 1.1-8
     C. Esther Identifies as a Gentile  2.10-20
    D. Elevation of Haman  3.1
   E. Anti-Jewish Edict  3.12-15
  F. Fatefull Exchange of Mordecai and Esther  4
 G. First Banquet of the Threesome  5.6-8
H. Royal Procession  6
 G. Second Banquet of the Threesome  7.1-6
  F. Fatefull Exchange of Ahasuerus and Esther  7.1-6
   E. Pro-Jewish Edict
    D. Elevation of Mordecai 8.15
     C. Gentiles Identify as Jews  8.17
      B. Two Banquets of the Jews  9.20-32
       A. Greatness of Ahasuerus and Mordecai  10
Jon Levenson in The Old Testament Library (p.8).

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