Monday, April 25, 2011

My Outline of Esther

The Providence of the purim:
A history of God’s invisible hand in human intrigues.
(Title's features:  Poetic, double meanings, inferred truth)

I. Preparation
·         Vashti Deposed    1                    
(with intro and overview)
·         Esther Chosen    2.1-14
Esther Endeared   2.15-23
Mordecai Endeared   2.19-23      
(God beginning to solve problems before they begin)
II. Peril
·         Haman’s Plot  3  
(Evils of bitterness and vengeance)
·         Mordecai’s Plan  4   
(Purpose in God’s preparations and our part)
·         Esther’s Presentation 5.1-8
Haman’s Presumption  5.9-14 
(contrast between Esther’s courage and Haman’s overconfidence)
III. Preservation
·         Mordecai Honored   6  
(turning point in the book, God’s hand in circumstances)
·         Haman Hanged   7  
(Poetic justice in God’s timing)
·         Mordecai’s Decree Written  8      
Jews Defended  9.1-17 
(Human effort to accomplish God’s purpose)    
IV. Praise
·         The Feast of Purim 9.18-32
Peace of the Jews  10.1-3 
(God’s work remembered and recounted)

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