Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ex 17

17.2 Well, then, who were they supposed to contend with? :o)  Reminds me of  James 1.3
17.10 Aaron and Hur...  If it weren't for the unfortunate similarity with the 3rd person singular feminine objective/possesive pronoun, this would be a good boy's name.  I love what Arron and Hur did in this chapter.
17.15  YHWH Nissi... It sounds more militant than I have usually thought of it. 
To praise God for His help, Moses built an altar, which he called “Jehovah my banner,” and said, when he did so, “The hand on the throne (or banner) of Jah! War to the Lord from generation to generation!” There is nothing said about sacrifices being offered upon this altar. It has been conjectured, therefore, that as a place of worship and thank-offering, the altar with its expressive name was merely to serve as a memorial to posterity of the gracious help of the Lord, and that the words which were spoken by Moses were to serve as a watchword for Israel, keeping this act of God in lively remembrance among the people in all succeeding generations. כִּי (Exo_17:16)   ---Keil and Delitzsch

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